Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My Food Pyramid Fruit and veggies

The colorful plate !
So we started our chart of fruit and veggies they eat a day here and at home and they can x them off as we eat them or tell us the next day and see how many we can hit until end of summer .
I got my chart over at the united states department of agriculture . Also many great things you can order for free check it out .

learning various of fruits and veggies

We learning counting ,recording adding what we eat daily , weekly and monthly

Our book of the week is The two bit Club it a great book to teach the food pyramid it goes through the whole pyramid . plus talks about trying new foods and has a few things to do to go along the with book .

See we charted this morning of different color fruit and veggies

We also did fruit and veggie print . i plan to frame them when dry later today .

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