Wednesday, July 13, 2011

United states where are you ?

So today we started studying the United states and where have we been . As i just got back from vacation and went through three states and am leaving next week for another state . It prefect timing so learn about the united states and where we leave .

Ok today we put up the big map (this is a little beat up and i do have a new one but this one we are going to write on so prefect . Then they stared where we live and colored a map of the United States (this last picture done by a two year old just had to show ) wow .

In my United state boxes I have post cards , map puzzle 100pc and wood one ,map of course ,globe , flags , write off book , state flash cards (i use these for me and when my girls where 6 we play capitals when in the car . I say Minnesota and they say St Paul etc . But they also fun to use a few at a time and something with them to match up to go with each state , like state bird, flower or even flag .

Later this week we be learning about Minnesota more

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