Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Busy Week i thought i would Sharing

ok with the Fire truck yesterday , helper today and Traveling tots . Oh and don't forget the wonderful weather .. With Miss Tee From travel tots they learn and do some curr stuff but i though i share some items from my environment . I think i talked about these but someone asked size .

so i have a doz or so pumpkin around the room in play kitchen area for the children to play with . I also took these same pumpkins and the dollar erasers(60pk) i bought and made a math game . You will see we hitting 1-6 hard this fall .
Now this is so open ended you could take pompoms and used them as pumpkins and let them added them to the pumpkins . i also think i just perment mark the pumpkins with the number . i just got to hit walgreens or target for some more .

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