Friday, October 15, 2010

Leaves are falling

They sure are as my yard is a huge mass of leaves . So as the warm weather changed the leaves faster then normal .We needed to start doing some projects with the leaves . So early this week they started leave books . ( i show this week end )We take the cheap little photo books and each pages has a color strip like red , orange ,yellow ,brown and green and they place correct leave on it page . Also today we did art out- side on deck . we made stain glass leaves . I took contact paper sticky side up and had them place chopped up leaves on the sticky paper . Then when done i folded over paper . (i cut the contact paper around 10 inch and full length ) fold over in 1/2. then i cut into a shape of a leaves when they are done . The older ones really well most got into and went on leave hunt to add more leaves to their own pictures .I have not decided if am going to frame them or make a hanger for them ?

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