Thursday, October 21, 2010

Paper Pumkins

I like to use different materials so i thought i take my stander paper plate pumpkin and use crape paper instead of tissue paper like i usually do . I have a group of 2yr to 11 yrs today (9) so for little ones i cut their square pieces but older ones could help cut(rip) and make their own face . When dry i poked a hole and make a hanger so they can hang up when get home , attracted a pc of yarn .

As they finished i gave them a zip lock bag with a drop of red and a drop of yellow to mix .(hint more yellow then red )To do this i always tape the top to make sure we don't have any linking and i draw a pumpkin face on the bag so once the color mix they have an orange color pumpkins .

(mailbox little learner )

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