Sunday, October 10, 2010

so i can not believe i had a lakeshore gift card for like 3 years ! final used it today

And nothing excited !I usually apply for a grants so i have tons of stuff . I could not even tell you how much i have been given over 15 years of grants . (I have been very very Blesses )But this year i decide i did not want to apply . So i took my gift card and my $5.00 coupon to Lake shore store only about 10 miles from my house . ps i never go there .. and restocked my paper , pipe cleaner , chalk , clear contact paper and some sticker (am going to make a math game and letter game with them) . so nothing exciting . But as you will see mostly not needed of anything else and i thought it was a wise choice to make sure i had what i need on hand for the next year . The chalk you might ask why well i have a set of chalk board and been out of white chalk for a while so i like to bring them out for writing time . Am lucky i have a great storage room for all these items . ( never as clean or organized like i want ) i got a few grants (years ago ) i bought these cabinets and have this storage room . I think i use four for childcare and two for personal storage . So very boarding

Look forward to spider and bat week coming .....

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