Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Spider Webs

Webbing a web ,we took a paper plate and color it black or you can paint it . Then i took what yarn i had yellow and orange and i cut to like 12inchs for them to web around the plate .(i taped the yarn to back of plate . ) I cut 2inch slits in the plate around it . Let them use the find motor to web the yarn around . we added a spider ring when where done .

Of course we doing spider math this week . I made web pages with numbers 1-5 on them . i made one set with spider on them to match number another with with just numbers . My group still does not understand counting with out count marks . so Will depend on your children . My goal by Christmas they can do it with out marks .

Q. What 's a Ghost's Favorite sandwhich ?

A. Boo-loney

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