Sunday, October 24, 2010

Halloween Party

Am posting this today as am off .(Monday ) So no pictures as our party wont be until Friday like many others . but here is one from last year .. I usually like some games , a craft , maybe a movie or some funny dancing and a great snack you know like birthday party with root beer floats .

My children will come dress on Friday morning i will change them into there clothes before outside if we get to it or before nap .

This year our craft we going to make is the Bottle pumpkins as the school ager made last week . I collected bottles all week -end . but first we going to play some games .

*Witch's pot . I have this huge black pot and they will toss a stuff pumpkin and ghost into the pot .

*I have a Halloween Twister great for colors and it so so funny to watch two and threes to find the orange ghost with a right foot .

* Then i usually have a pin the eyes on pumpkin or nose on witch but this year i thought we pin the bones on skeleton. I cut bones out in foam and i start the game with the head up and they try to figure where all the bones go .

* i also have about 30 paper bones cut from year to year that i hide for them to find and bring to circle time . (Then we will count them )

Am not sure on snack but for moring after all that am thinking a new Halloween movie with popcorn now i have little twos so i am thinking puff corn so all can eat same .

Then afternoon snack am thinking some kind of pudding or jello with cool whip ghost ? have not search enough yet .

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