Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Halloween

sorry be a little absent as it been a weird week here a child with mono and other had a sibling born Monday ? so here it is our party finial here

We played toss to ghost and pumkin in to which brew , we made picture frames for the parents . we found all the bones and played twister halloween . We then watch a movie with pop corn which i have never done .

We also had an orange lunch i made jello with apple jucie orange , peaches , home made baked mac and cheese .

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

ABC's of Jess's house: Friendly Ghost !

ABC's of Jess's house: Friendly Ghost !: "This is a simply craft and great for your mixed ages Around 21/2 or a little early i allow then to use a glue stick but i have two right ..."

Monday, October 25, 2010

Friendly Ghost !

This is a simply craft and great for your mixed ages Around 21/2 or a little early i allow then to use a glue stick but i have two right on that age but this is great as i can lay the glue and they can add then cotton balls . Older children can cut out their own pattern working on the cutting skills and i had some already precut for younger one's . Then when they felt their ghost was done we added two black circles for eyes and a black circle for a mouth .. Here your Friendly ghost . I just pick this story as the boy in this story dresses as a ghost on Halloween..

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Halloween Party

Am posting this today as am off .(Monday ) So no pictures as our party wont be until Friday like many others . but here is one from last year .. I usually like some games , a craft , maybe a movie or some funny dancing and a great snack you know like birthday party with root beer floats .

My children will come dress on Friday morning i will change them into there clothes before outside if we get to it or before nap .

This year our craft we going to make is the Bottle pumpkins as the school ager made last week . I collected bottles all week -end . but first we going to play some games .

*Witch's pot . I have this huge black pot and they will toss a stuff pumpkin and ghost into the pot .

*I have a Halloween Twister great for colors and it so so funny to watch two and threes to find the orange ghost with a right foot .

* Then i usually have a pin the eyes on pumpkin or nose on witch but this year i thought we pin the bones on skeleton. I cut bones out in foam and i start the game with the head up and they try to figure where all the bones go .

* i also have about 30 paper bones cut from year to year that i hide for them to find and bring to circle time . (Then we will count them )

Am not sure on snack but for moring after all that am thinking a new Halloween movie with popcorn now i have little twos so i am thinking puff corn so all can eat same .

Then afternoon snack am thinking some kind of pudding or jello with cool whip ghost ? have not search enough yet .

Friday, October 22, 2010

Scare Crow

The School ager put the Scare Crow together today at nap time and now will greet them each morning until Thanksgiving

Thursday, October 21, 2010

So School ager this afternoon

I printed out coloring sheet basic shapes like ghost ,pumpkin, bat and skull . Use dark paper i used black and orange . I give each a push pin and a paper clip . Clip your pattern to dark paper and they push the pin to make pin mark around the pattern into the dark paper . (pattern can be used over and over ) Then i hang them in the widow and let the light shin in and make this great Halloween decoration . Lets hope you can tell from picture this is one in my widow . Also very independent craft for them to do while i was getting

others to nap . Happy Halloween !

Paper Pumkins

I like to use different materials so i thought i take my stander paper plate pumpkin and use crape paper instead of tissue paper like i usually do . I have a group of 2yr to 11 yrs today (9) so for little ones i cut their square pieces but older ones could help cut(rip) and make their own face . When dry i poked a hole and make a hanger so they can hang up when get home , attracted a pc of yarn .

As they finished i gave them a zip lock bag with a drop of red and a drop of yellow to mix .(hint more yellow then red )To do this i always tape the top to make sure we don't have any linking and i draw a pumpkin face on the bag so once the color mix they have an orange color pumpkins .

(mailbox little learner )

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pumpkin in a bottle

Ok i found this really cute and simply craft i though i let the school ager do today at nap . I have decide i might let my younger ones do it next week so simply and finished it cute . i found it over here

All you need is a empty water bottle

orange paper

something green or marker or paint to cap

black paper scape's

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Night Animals .... Bats

We read scholastic "Lets Find out " and Clifford Curriculum for October 2004 i guess i been getting these for a while . I find them useful and a get extra curriculum each month . Then we made hand print Bats .I choice this activity as i have a huge range of children today from 11 yrs to 2 yrs. So started giving the older ones black paper to trace their own hands and cut them out . I had an oval cut out for them to glue the hands to and glue to eyes to . As for the younger two's i could trace their hands and cut it out and they can help glue eyes on their bats and still have something to take home . This one picture is a free range to a 33 month old that loves to cut and glue her own version of the Bat .

Monday, October 18, 2010

Leaf Prints

I have to say am scared of this project . Messy paint , clothes ,my table and my floor . But i wanted to do this project so here we go . I took our fall colors we been working with and put on a plate red ,orange brown yellow and green . I found some leaves different shapes with some live left not crunchy ones like the ones we used for out stain glass leaves last week . I gave them a paint brush and let them paint the leaves and press on the large sheet of paper . i am thinking when dry i might frame them with an orange frame ..

so i updated with the end project my finishing touchs one with just leaves that was extra leaves i cut away their finished project to hang in classroom . then color leaves where form the ones to little to paint . I like the way these turned out and the kids had a lot of fun painting leaves and working with the fall colors .


so i give each children a small photo book and on each page has a color strip i used brown , yellow ,red ,orange and green . Then they go on a hunt to find a leaf that color for that page . We deco the front of book with the name and the colors they are looking for .
so the far right the book the top left is the cover they made with fall colors and bottom picture show what the book looks like inside . I have gathers so this is a prefect activity for them . Plus reinforces colors of nature .

Friday, October 15, 2010

Leaves are falling

They sure are as my yard is a huge mass of leaves . So as the warm weather changed the leaves faster then normal .We needed to start doing some projects with the leaves . So early this week they started leave books . ( i show this week end )We take the cheap little photo books and each pages has a color strip like red , orange ,yellow ,brown and green and they place correct leave on it page . Also today we did art out- side on deck . we made stain glass leaves . I took contact paper sticky side up and had them place chopped up leaves on the sticky paper . Then when done i folded over paper . (i cut the contact paper around 10 inch and full length ) fold over in 1/2. then i cut into a shape of a leaves when they are done . The older ones really well most got into and went on leave hunt to add more leaves to their own pictures .I have not decided if am going to frame them or make a hanger for them ?

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Spider Spin it own web

To do my marble painting i used box tops/botton and lids . You know these cheap white boxs or anyother thing you think will work . I laid a marble in some white paint and drop in the box for them to roll . We did this a few time to form a web . When dry i cut into a circle and i let them put two eyes sticker on the web . Sorry can not see the eyes well ..

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Letter Bb

We have Two to three letters of Each month . Am using one day a week for the letter or number of the month . So Today is Bb.

We read B book "The Berenstains B Book " We color and cut out for the one that can cut out a large B . I gave them Black ,Blue and Brown to color the B with. Also After reading the B Book we made a list of B words to look at this week.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Spider Webs

Webbing a web ,we took a paper plate and color it black or you can paint it . Then i took what yarn i had yellow and orange and i cut to like 12inchs for them to web around the plate .(i taped the yarn to back of plate . ) I cut 2inch slits in the plate around it . Let them use the find motor to web the yarn around . we added a spider ring when where done .

Of course we doing spider math this week . I made web pages with numbers 1-5 on them . i made one set with spider on them to match number another with with just numbers . My group still does not understand counting with out count marks . so Will depend on your children . My goal by Christmas they can do it with out marks .

Q. What 's a Ghost's Favorite sandwhich ?

A. Boo-loney

Monday, October 11, 2010

Itsy Bisty 8 legged Spiders !

So we made spider prints this morning .

Few tricks i use dish soap mixed with all my paint , wash easy off hands clothes and table . i also remember cutting down on paper products so i started collecting plastic lids great for paint and easy to wash up and reuse . did the bat learn to fly ?

A. he took batting leasons !

Sunday, October 10, 2010

so i can not believe i had a lakeshore gift card for like 3 years ! final used it today

And nothing excited !I usually apply for a grants so i have tons of stuff . I could not even tell you how much i have been given over 15 years of grants . (I have been very very Blesses )But this year i decide i did not want to apply . So i took my gift card and my $5.00 coupon to Lake shore store only about 10 miles from my house . ps i never go there .. and restocked my paper , pipe cleaner , chalk , clear contact paper and some sticker (am going to make a math game and letter game with them) . so nothing exciting . But as you will see mostly not needed of anything else and i thought it was a wise choice to make sure i had what i need on hand for the next year . The chalk you might ask why well i have a set of chalk board and been out of white chalk for a while so i like to bring them out for writing time . Am lucky i have a great storage room for all these items . ( never as clean or organized like i want ) i got a few grants (years ago ) i bought these cabinets and have this storage room . I think i use four for childcare and two for personal storage . So very boarding

Look forward to spider and bat week coming .....

Friday, October 8, 2010

Fabulous Fire Trucks

Fabulous Friday And Fire Trucks ! We did this simply craft today to finish our unit on Fire safety . just a bunch of shapes . I made an example and most where able to follow . if not that was ok to .. so of my Early two 25 months just decided to color which was ok too.