Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ginger Bread house

So i gather small milk carton form our local school . Next time remind me to check lunch menu was not a good day to go into school and dig in trash . Then i went and got gram crackers and a huge amount of candy as you see . Now you actual could do this all in paper and be really cute also . But i have one little girl that really wants to do a gingerbread house and has never done one and don't have one at home .So here we are . These houses are not to eat . We will try morels cookies with frosting and all the topping they want to try and decorate after . We will see if they eat these .(they did ) look at the one that a snowman . I did this project with 3 yrs through 11 yr olds . so you will see the different .All very creative and all really enjoy it . As we are not eating these i have hot glue gun handy for any frustrated children to help along the project.(actual only the youngest one i needed hot glue for and one roof pc on another child . So the frosting was strong enough .

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