Thursday, December 30, 2010

As am on christmas break and shopping around

I remember to pick up different items I use through the year in classroom . Tissue(.25cents ) paper as you seen or will over the year I use allot of it and love it . White boxes (.25cents.50) . I use these as trays for painting and different items . We will next month use them to write letters in the snow (flour) in them . I also picked up some form cut -out that I will make into lace cards next December (.50cents). I picked up a pack of bells to make bracelets or necklace next year , pack of 12 (.50). I saw but did not buy some form crafts like picture frames that would be a good parents gift and some other form crafts . I did pick up red shinny bag filler stuff we will use to make hearts with in Feb. (.50).
Then as this month am doing snowman , snow winter animals and snow flakes . I picked up a foam snowman kit , snow flakes to paint with.
I also picked up some sensor toys . They have the feeling and you can do your hand print and or face into them and it shows the image on the other side . Also remember holiday books finding .75% . of this time of year also tape . Preschool well all children love tape . Plus i use tons of it in my childcare . whatabout bows and wrap paper for your water table next year . or a matching game ? endless when i look around . that some stuff i been doing on break .

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