Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Thursday Letter Hh

Of course we start with list Hh words that start with Hh hearts ,hats,ho ho etc Then we practice writing and tracing the letter Hh . Then we use a big cut out of an H and trace between the lines in the H color usually the color of month (green ) Then we added some hats (guess who's? Santa's hats )

They are in strips like i leave each month around for the children to cut up . (Montessori concept ) to practice their cutting skills and hold paper right . I usually have a pile of strips each month for the children to work on . I use a different color each month to match our color of month .When they are done i keep all the squares they cut and we will use through out the year . nothing goes to waste . You can also do lines like triangle for more advance children to work on .

We then did something called Play Dough mats . simply printed Letter H for us then i took green play dough of course and they practice rolling and cutting play dough to form letter H . I slip them in clear sheet protectors or you could laminate them . these are endless . May next month snowman play dough mats ? Christmas tree mat ? Am excited to add this to our months curriculum .

Get your ice tray ready for next Thursday .. I

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