Thursday, December 2, 2010

Fab Friday bulletin board ......

So Thursday is the letter of the week . we are on Hh. Nothing great we wrote a bunch of H 's made our list of h words. And they color a big Hh. That was yesterday . So today we ..

Today is Friday and the beginning of the month for me it mean changing our wall (bulletin board ) we are making A Christmas tree . Hand prints and adding present for each child. Am not sure how long i been making this my December wall but i love it . I love anything that includes children name , pictures and art work .

First i trace each hand of each child on green . Then i cute them out in sets of each hand or multiple set i want at least 20 hands . After i have them cut . I hang them up side down so figure hang down in a tree shape As you see purple was the theme for the tree . Not use how they all decide this . These was done buy 5 two years , 1 three yrs and 1 4yr old all girls but one .

Happy December ~!





Then while am cutting children are decorating their present under the tree , color some paper ornaments .

When all done we have a great decoration for December .


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