Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Well today we celebrated Reindeer's I used to save this day for our party but i decide to change it up a bit this year. So first we start with Reindeer hats .
brown paper
red circle
black marker
I make strips or older ones can cut two strips out . Trace there hands and cut two out . Glue red circle in the middle of the band , tape or glue hands on for antlers and give some eyes if like . (hint when i have kids cut strips i just have them cut the folded lines )

Then we played Santa says (Simon says) i worn a Santa hat and had a bell .(smile ho ho ho )
Santa say fly
Santa say prance
Santa say................

Reindeer food we made for Christmas eve night .
zip lock bag
I pour oatmeal in big bowl and i let each child add sprinkles to the bowl then we each put a scoop in the zip lock bag .
we attach Reindeer poem

We finished our reindeer envelopes to hold our parents gift . Reindeer ornament are in side .

We also adding a picture ornament to the gift .
we color them just with markers and i added a picture of each child in a Santa hat . really cute wish i could show . We will take white tissue paper and let them add Christmas stickers ,

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