Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Picture Counting books

Ok Isaw this idea last night and loved it . I saw it over at Teachpreschool . It from (she got great home ideas)

And I know I need to make this . I also think this would be a great Christmas gift for children . My work is in progress but I wanted to get you all thinking . This one going on our book shelve but I might do some for gift for the children . You also could be more creative I did it quick . I should of did 1 and used the goldfish we have . I was lucky i have these photo books but am pretty sure dollar store sales this . Also you can get many free print at a lot of differnt store right now with the holidays .I know i have 50 waiting to be used at cvs . Here a few picture so you get the idea . Some i really like other need work .


  1. so i put this out after snack and had one of the three year old read it to the group . After that they all needed to look and read through the book so was a hit .
    I think for the children books for them to take home i print bigger numbers out. line with color back ground paper and place them on top page above the picture so they wont see the number first if dont want to . will hopeful count then look at number and see if right or make the two together . They just loved these where toys they use each day .