Monday, December 20, 2010

The Stocking hung with care (updated )

And already to be fulled . So the next two days we are going to be working on these over size stocking , This one was made a few years ago maybe 4 or 5 so we going to change it up some . Instead of water coloring painting we are going to glue scape's of paper and wrapping paper . Then we will lace the two together with ribbon . I might ad names when we are done .so we color , glue cut and laced this stocking last two days . They really cute and large kind of fun for the kids to make .

This week is going to be busy 4 days until Christmas break . we need to have a reindeer party . make gingerbread house , paint parents picture parent gift ornament and make these stocking .

So check for update all week .

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