Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Twas the Night Before Christmas

we read two Twas the night before Christmas but two things in common it all the tales is Reindeer of course one is the classic soft fabric book and 2nd one by jump at the sun . so today we made classic i call them hand print Reindeer ornaments . Then we made a reindeer package to put our ornament in and i think we save it until Christmas and see what other ornament we can ad for a gift. A picture ornament with date be cute to add for a gift .

Ok see the can of empty coffee what do you see ? when i look at it i see a Santa so we will see if i can make one before end of week .

Tomorrow will be our letter Thursday i know it only Wednesday tomorrow but we having a birthday party Thursday . so letter I here we come ice , igloo ice cream . Guess what to we going to do tomorrow .

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