Tuesday, December 28, 2010

So what will the new year bring to your classroom , homeschool , child care or you as a teacher

So from September to now i had some classroom goal and personal teaching goals, i had individual children's goals i wanted to meet . So my personal goal was to blog my childcare ideas and get each theme and month organized . And a blog organized . Well i made 1/2 of it work . I missed a step in blog area about organizing it by theme or area . so on winter break i try to work on that . I did come up with a system for each month making folder or boxes depending what i have for each theme . Making sure everything labels but still not like i want . So that a work in process .( and i have many to find a home still from sept. until now ) but a good start .

We started September off with a big kick off of shapes and everyone seem to know their shapes now . Some other individual goals was learning her color another learning to write name and another learning number 1-5. It is interesting working with mixed ages two to 5. Goals complete with pretty much 100% . So am please also one that was learning to write can about 80% of time proper use.

For the classroom i wanted to bring in each month new recognition ideas and fine motor and i seem to come up and had a lot of fun making and using them in the room .

Goals for the new year . Keep blogging each day . Continue to organize my storage for curriculum . Continue in each child's goals . And have a great new year 2011 am ready !

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  1. Can we ever really be organized? I am also trying to come up with a system. I have a start but for some reason I don't think I am ever going to fully be organized!