Sunday, January 2, 2011

January Table games fine motor and math games

Let it snow
First am showing you what i use each month to put out this games . I use these plastic container from Strawberry's . Works prefect . I will need to remember to save more next year . After each month i put the belongings in a plastic bag and store with this month curriculum .
2Nd picture is a mixed up puzzles. I cute 6 or 8 of these snowman pictures out into strips and made them into puzzles . Or sequence cards . there is two of each different kind of snowman so they have to put some thinking into it .
3rd & 4th picture is snow piles as they love the tongs i am not ready to put them away . (i still see this at the dollar store in 3pk . ) so this month number is 5 and color blue . so i made snow pile with number writen next to each pile for them to put the snow balls (cotton balls) on 1-5 .
5Th picture is how many ? polar bear to go with are Arctic animals this does go through 1-8 .
I cut out polar bear strips with bears on each one 1-8 and just wrote number 1-8 on each clothes pin for them to match up . Using clothes pin work great getting the fine motor skills working and development . Then we are reinforcing the numbers 1-8 .
Happy January

some of these ideas where taken from

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