Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday Science area

Ok i get asked what my set-up like . No way prefect as it my home i share with my family of 6 . My children are 19 college student , 16 year old JR and 11yr old 6th grade and my baby 10 5th grade . My house is not big all means 3 bedroom (we have made a 4th )2 bathrooms 3 level spilt .

So this is my science area . It one Conor in my kitchen .We always have something in there . We grown seeds in spring , Then last year we had a turtle T and then had 5 butterfly's .. Then Buddy came inside from the pond from out side . We also have a pineapple top we are growing and will plant in spring . Then we also have these funny Chea pets . Just to ad some live there until spring ..

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