Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Intro of the snow man

So today is our first day of snowman , winter so i wanted to introduce the children to the snow man . Start of easy . Now we do live in Minnesota so most of my children she know about snow man .I used one of my Favorite curr teaching resource "The preschool Calendar"
We did the The snowman trace and color page to see what fancy snowman look like 3 circle hat , gloves .
Then we did the Mouse and the snowman The children cut and glue and put the snowman in order . one ball of snow , two and so one.
Then i did a hand print of the children hands in white paint and put it on dark blue paper. when dry i add black hat ,eyes, nose and buttons. am going to attract the finger play we are doing this month
This little snowman is round and fat.
This little snowman has a funny hat.
This little snowman has a carrot nose.
This little snowman has a frosty toes.
and this little snowman is my friend
please don't melt till winters end .
Form kidsoup.
i think that cute to and you can attract any figure play you are doing for snowman and then the parents will have it all and can sing with the children also .
This first picture is a child took her picture and turn over and trace a new snowman .. very cool.

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