Monday, January 17, 2011

No School day ....

This mean for me my children all out of routine (which me and hum children like ) so i have extra children and some that did not come .

so we started with painting today . Remember other post about cheap my .25 cent snowflakes and free soup lids . Got to use them today from children 2yrs to 11 yrs .
They did pretty good . this is a messy project and you know some don't like paint on their hands so i warned them they will get paint on their hand .(A Little paint good for all )

Then of course we played out side it is 25 outside wonderful this time of year .

Then we can in and made home made pizza






cook about 5 minutes

All loved it and ate it all but one that put to much sauce on hers (see when you give them the control ) but she even said she going to make this for dinner . (This was the kind of home made pizza i mad as a kid)


  1. Pizza's look good! I would love to see pictures some time of your set up!

  2. Amy thanks i can do that i have started a post on enviroment . As you see a small minute of my day and i believe the learning really takes place in the Whole enviroment . so am working on it . Glad you asked . ps amy you can come here anytime your in the city .