Monday, January 24, 2011

Penguins Arctic Animals

So today we started out the week on Arctic animals first we start with the globe to see where the Arctic is and talk about if cold or not there . We talk about penguins coat , waxy (we felt some wax) . Then we took the wax pcs color on paper with them and then water colors over to see how the wax (coat of penguin )repels the water and cold. . You could do the same with color crayons . What they eat . how tall they can . They get to around 4 feet which is around the size of some preschool so we measured our self to see how tall penguins are to us .

Then we made out books so the children can go home and share with their parents about penguin . The books where taken from

Edit sorry for the miss spelling . i put this up as these are happen usually so multitasking some time does not always go as plan .

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  1. Love the cute penguin books -- thanks for adding the link. I'm off to check them out! :-)