Monday, January 31, 2011

Hot Cocoa day

I introduced a song called "Hot cocoa" found over at Teach preschool blog . We used real marshmallow for visual aid.
Then i printed a picture of mug and we used to make cocoa . I print these mugs
we ripped brown paper ,color our mugs and added cotton balls as marshmallow . (could use real marshmallow but they didnot want to ? )

we then had hot cocoa,cocoa goldfish with mini marshmallows and marshmallow for snack .

We added mugs ,cotton balls, empty cocoa boxes empty cocoa packets i printed this and lameated them and spoons to play kitchen area . (i was served hot cocoa all day )ok i toss my cocoa box out this week end so i have to make my own and made my own packets .

We also took a mug cut out and did some math with marshmallow (i love food math )
So i hold up an number and they add that many marshmallow to the mug . Then they get to eat the marshmallows when we where all done yummy!

We read if you give a mouse a cookie to finish out day .

I did not do this but chocolate scented play dough... would be a fun idea to .


  1. These are great ideas with hot coco. I especially like the craft and coco props in the kitchen area. I've included your post on my weekly favorites here:

  2. Thanks Darcey . They really enjoyed having this out this week .