Sunday, January 9, 2011

Snowflakes winter painting

So i just wanted share a few items i found this month ..

first i picked up these snowflakes at target after Christmas 1.00 for 4 at 75% off so like .25 for a 4 pk . don't they look great .

Then i keep seeing my family eat this micro soup and it has these holes on the top . and look what they make . cut snow pattern .

Then i got some bubble wrap at Christmas time and i cut into a snowman shape (i think needs eyes to help it's look ) but the kids will have a ball painting it anyway .

Oh i just had to show the cute widow cling i pick up at target .25 each to intro the snowman and flakes .


  1. These are great ideas. Look forward to following you. Visit for some sensory motor ideas for your daycare...

  2. thanks jill and i will check it out . always looking for new ideas !