Tuesday, January 11, 2011

January Board

I almost forgot to post so on my wall i post this month calendar . new photo of the children at play and i then include some of their art work .I pick from one of the Themes from the month . So of course this month snowman . I wanted them a little colorful and i took idea i seen over here . And we added our twist . This is a 2 step project but can be done in a day i just let a little drying in between.

First i gave them white paper

glue and water we call it our glue paint

paint brush

our bag of scape tissue paper (or cut some)

I told them to cover all the white . you see how twos and three do .

Then when dry i cut out a snowman on white paper ,boots and a hat

I had them glue them on .

Then i did my favorite ok one of my favorite tricks and i put some black paint on paper plate and i drip the end of pencil into the paint for them to make eyes , mouth and buttons . easy .

When finished they draw a carrot nose in orange of course .

pay close attion to the the top right one .. (maybe he walking on his head ? it or just really cold out side .)another did not under stand coal mouth it need a real mouth )

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