Friday, January 28, 2011

Why are Polar Bears white .

First we read Polar Bear What do you Hear. In my large version . As we talked why Penguins have waxy skin the way it help with cold and water to keep them warm . Now we talk why are polar bears white . See if they can guess .

need :
pattern (i got my at
blue paper
white paper
white paint
sponge or we used cotton balls with clothes pins to paint with

So i cut a polar bear shape out in white.
Lay it against white paper ask children can they see the polar bear .
Now lay on blue paper and ask again

Tape top down (this is so the children can left up later and see the pattern under it )

Let children sponge paint the white over the polar bear and blue paper .

When dry left up polar bear to peak and see the blue polar under . And talk about how the polar bear blends when all white and stands out when blue .

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