Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Snow Flakes

So we are doing all kinds of snow flake today Again i have children here 2yrs to 11years so many different level or learning taking place .

So first we did coffee filter snow flakes

I showed The children how to fold a snowflake

Fold in 1/2 , then again in 1/2 then again in 1/2 . round wider point at bottom . Then i showed them how to cut a few (i said two or three pcs out ) Then open up and see what you have .

Then we took are water color paint and used our droppers in blues and purples to drop and spread on the coffee filter snow flake ..
I have coffee filter and scissor out for them to keep working on white snowflakes and learn them self . They can color them later if they like .
Then i made star shape with craft sticks (i hot glued them together ) and gave them yarn (i tied it to the stick) and had them wrap them around and around until they where out of yarn . makes a shape of a snow flake .

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