Sunday, January 9, 2011

Interactive Snowman

So i read about this interactive snowman on a email from little mailbox . So I get this bright idea I got prefect spots for these snowman up in the room . Sorry they did not share any pictures just idea . So your stuck with my pictures .
so i took
poster board
3m removable hooks
super glue (i toot to reinforce the Velcro to snowman )
black paper

Then i drew a snowman figure (first i seen if paper plates would fit through my laminar and did but then i got bright out to use dinner plants guess that size was to big so i had to re cut my snowman down and hat )

Then i cut a few different size circle , carrot nose, boots scarfs , deco for hat . Hopeful giving the children some of their own expression .
You can do this all on paper and felt what material you have around .

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